Casinos Portrayed in The Big Bang Theory

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“The Big Bang Theory” happens to be one of the best shows on the planet right now. It ended in the year 2019. It also happens to have one of the best TV show endings ever. The show revolves around the lives of some genius scientist and their significant others. The show is executed flawlessly, and it was widely loved. The boys actually visit casinos in Las Vegas in an episode that is incredibly funny. As usual, they are seen to be having dinner in their apartment, and they suddenly come up with a plan to road trip to Las Vegas.

The set up

Sheldon declines the offer to go. Leonard, Raj and Howard seem to be really excited to go there. They also say that they have never been there before. They are clearly seen to be staying in one of the biggest casinos on The Strip. In this episode, casinos are actually portrayed in a certain way. I do not know from personal experience, whether this is true or not, but I have heard from a lot of people that this is precisely how it is in most of the casinos.

Howard is seen to be depressed about his break up with a woman. Therefore he does not accompany the other 2 to the bar. There they find a beautiful woman who offers them a wild night. They respectfully decline. They get an idea, and they hire her for Howard because he was feeling lonely.

What this episode shows is that prostitution and escorts are rampant in Las Vegas. I definitely agree with this. I, myself saw a lot of escorts and prostitutes in the streets of Las Vegas. It is also shown that there are a lot of them in the bars and restaurants in casinos. Now you know why there is an age restriction. In the casinos of Las Vegas, you need to be a minimum of 21 years old to enter and participate in the gambling activities.

TV versus Reality

Casinos have actually known to do this. They employ beautiful women to seduce their customers so that the customers end up using a lot more money than they would have wanted to. They have been known to hire beautiful waitresses, to bring free drinks to the customers who are playing on the game tables.

In another episode, we see Penny, Bernadette and Amy get into a cab to have a wild girls’ weekend in Las Vegas. The way they talk about the weekend in the cab is undoubtedly something that we should take into mind because that is how you are expected to behave in Sin City. It does sound a lot of fun, indeed. These have been some of the ways that TV shows portray casinos.